Sunday, May 26, 2013

Recovery is Slow; Steady

We've passed the two-weeks-after-last-treatment mark, which feels like a big deal. The doctor said that I'd be on medication for "one to two weeks after the last treatment." I've been trying - and failing, miserably - to come off nausea medication, but I'm taking much less than I was a week ago. I've finally taken some action - bought fancy French creme with the help of a dear friend and a dear pharmacist with a florescent pink scarf and matching florescent pink streak in her hair - to deal with my continuing bathroom woes.

But my brain is coming back. Thanks to walks and fresh air.

the walnut trees are just starting to show leaves
the size of road I prefer
the size of town I prefer
so green

The sun is out today so we're going to enjoy it. I'm glad I can.

a view from the grass
the church at sunset (view from our bedroom window)