I've done and will do a lot of reading. What I find helpful, fun, or just good I'll post here. 

What to Know About Cancer/Cancro/Krebs/Rak/Krabbamein

The word cancer is l-o-a-d-e-d. Try to forget some of the things you think, or think of it in a different language. As usual, my favorite language also has my favorite version: cancro (in Italian).

If you have rak or know someone who has krebs, or if you're just curious about where krabbamein treatment has been and where it is now, read this book: The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee. It's depressing at times and can be tough to get through, but it is worth it to read all the way to the end. Rewarding, guaranteed, and you'll come away with a different understanding of what cancro is and how many different diseases it really is. For example, ever single case of cancer is unique. Did you know that?

Buy it used, borrow it from a friend, read it on your device, it is good.

Other Books I Like

If you feel like stepping outside of yourself and your reality, check out Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. A real story about a dude who has lived only about 10 crazy, messed up lifetimes. But it's beautiful and engaging and will help you take a break.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Just wow. Also easy to get lost in - a beautiful escape.


  1. Hello Ramona et Joshua,
    I highly recommend any of Audre Lorde's writing, esp her "Burst of Light".
    Dr Mukherjee came to USCB when his book was first released. I found his "Emperor" to be highly informative, from the standpoint of how far we have progressed in treating this ka-razy malady.
    I wish for you a smooth journey through your radiation.
    thank goodness for your sheepherding experiences!!! repeat ad libitum, ad infinitum.
    I send you innumerable hugs and kisses, I love you!!! Sheri

  2. oh and Mark Nepo "The Book of Awakening". And your fave cartoonist, whoever that may be, so you can laugh, -- a lot!!! (Actually a great way to get rid of blech, if it will not disturb your pic-line.)
    I think of Jules Feiffer's annual Dance to Spring cartoon, great stuff of love and nature, of which you are made in abundance!!! Play, play, play, in your imagination, in your heart.
    love infinitely, Bear