If You Want to Help

A card in the mail, an email saying you don't know what to say, even a hello on Facebook helps both me and Joshua stay upbeat and energized. Everyone who has sent kind words has been a supporter, and there is no way to fully express how grateful we are. It truly does make a difference to know that people are thinking of us and hoping for the best.

Of course, we've had some financial surprises - from buying a new flight to Berlin, to renting an apartment, to deciding to freeze some eggs for a few thousand Euros. Fortunately, our friends and family have come through and helped to offset the costs of some of these bigger expenses. But of course we're not out of the woods yet. I couldn't work for the 12 days that I was in the hospital for surgery and I didn't go right back to work when I got home. Joshua spends a lot of time caring for me, cooking meals, and cleaning the house, time he would usually spend working. And I am working the absolute minimum possible while I'm having radiation five days per week and chemotherapy once a week. So cash is tight. I'm not above accepting help.

One thing you can do is buy a knit item from me via my Etsy site. That also brings me joy, because I can send you something back in thanks for your generosity. I'm buying/renting movies with iTunes, to keep me entertained and distracted. And we can always use help with the taxi fund - because some days I cannot walk to the U-Bahn station and a taxi is in order. Of course, we also have PayPal. The button says "Donate" but it should say "Make Ramona's Day!"

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