Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This Blog: In Order

We hat a lot of extra fun at the February check-up because it's been three years since surgery! A CT-scan, an overnight stay, a new hospital (Halwani got a new job!), aaaaand everything looks great. The CT was of my entire torso, to make sure they're not missing anything in my lungs. They're not missing anything. Everything is clear. Take a little break to have a dance party.

Here's a crazy idea: what if you could read this whole blog from start to finish, in chronological order, without having to click through and read bottom to top? I've been thinking about writing a book, a real memoir that includes all the blog stuff plus whatever else I've written and thought about being a cancer patient at 32 and everything that happens afterwards. This is not an original idea, but I'm hoping to be original about it.

But writing a book is hard! I'm working on it, I'm even paying other people to help me work on it, and one day I hope something worth reading will come of it.

In the meantime, the problem that spawned the book project still irks. If someone new comes to this blog and wants to read it all, in order, they're stuck with click, scroll, scroll-scroll-scroll, scroll-scroll, click, click, scroll, scroll-scroll-scroll... and on and on. I've now done that myself. I read through all of my own blog. The good news is that it's not that long and is totally worth reading. The bad news is that blogs are meant to be read as the posts are posted.

The magical internet produced a quick solution, though. On my first search for "turn a blog into an ebook", the top result was It's brilliant and free and not very customizable, but there is a link to each post at the end of each chapter. So thank goodness for Sergio, who invented this simple tool. There are some minor problems. For example, not all of the photos are included. There's no simple reason for this to be the case, but Sergio knows now and he knows about a couple of other minor things. I couldn't get the .mobi file to open in the Kindle app - kind of a big one.

Mais! Ma! Aber! The simple version, a wee ebook version, of this blog is available as an .epub file, which you should be able to use in most e-readers, especially iBooks, and can be downloaded right


The file cannot be previewed with Google Drive, but you should be able to download it.*

*If you have any problems with this, or want me to try again with the .mobi thing, please just write to me at ramona.marks at gmail.

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